Dysautonomia 101: Salt Pills

Why do people use sodium supplements and what should you look for?


Why Sodium?


Why is Sodium Recommended for Dysautonomia?

Dysautonomia patients are usually provided with a revised diet plan that includes increasing their sodium intake. However, rarely do these plans explain why this is necessary. The first thing to understand is that sodium is not the same as salt. The salt that we consume with food, "table salt", is scientifically known as sodium chloride and comprises two elements: sodium and chloride.

It is the sodium part that dysautonomia patients are concerned with. Most table salts are made up of about 40% sodium and 60% chloride.  While it is possible to use this formula to calculate how much more salt you should consume based on your doctor’s recommendations, it’s usually easier to simply ask them what your recommended salt intake should be.

There are numerous reasons why dysautonomia patients should increase their sodium intake, including sodium’s ability to reduce the likelihood of symptoms like brain fog and dizziness, all of which are also commonly associated with dysautonomia. Additionally, people with dysautonomia, especially those with POTS, often have low amounts of important hormones, including angiotensin and aldosterone. The reason for this isn’t known; however, what is known is that these hormones not only regulate the volume of blood in your body, they also affect the absorption of sodium. Low volumes of these hormones mean your body absorbs less sodium, which is counteracted by consuming more of it, to begin with.

A Note on Potassium: Aside from increasing your sodium intake, your doctor will likely recommend an uptick in your potassium intake as well. These two factors are connected – the body is driven to maintain a delicate balance between sodium and potassium levels, and if you don’t increase your consumption of potassium along with that of sodium, there’s a chance that your body will not absorb the excess sodium.

Furthermore, if potassium and sodium are out of balance, your health can be affected. Too much sodium without potassium to balance it out can result in increased blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. This is why Klaralyte offers a balance of 250mg of sodium and 50mg of potassium in each capsule. You can increase the intake of both necessary electrolytes without having to make too many changes to your actual diet!

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How Many Klaralyte Salt Capsules Should I Take?

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