5 Reasons You Should Switch to Klaralyte

Are you currently using another salt pill? 

Here's why you should switch to Klaralyte Salt Capsules.


"So Helpful for Dysautonomia"


Why is Everyone Switching to Klaralyte?

1. Klaralyte Salt Capsules are first-in-quality, easy-to-digest and easy on the wallet. 

Klaralyte Salt Capsules first-in-quality salt capsules with a scientifically balanced formula, designed for daily use with 250mg sodium and 50mg potassium in an easy-to-digest vegetarian capsule. Our electrolytes originate in the USA and are manufactured in a FDA approved and cGMP certified facility.  Klaralyte is easy to digest because it has NO ADDITIVES and is non-GMO, vegan, starch free, gluten free, allergen free, and preservative free.  In addition, Klaralyte is less than half the cost per capsule when compared to Other Brands.

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2. Klaralyte is only $0.09 per capsule, compared to Other Brands at $0.24 per capsule. 

Klaralyte Salt Capsules are only $0.09 per capsule ($27.95 per 300ct bottle). That's less than half the cost of Other Brands at $0.24 per capsule ($23.95 per 100ct bottle).  Klaralyte is the only salt supplement with USA Made Electrolytes that provides value size savings with 300 capsules per bottle, saving you money and saving the environment from excess plastic waste.  Order Klaralyte here.

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3. Klaralyte contains NO ADDITIVES and no hidden ingredients. Other Brands contain manufacturing additives.

Other Brands use manufacturing additives, like stearic acid, in their supplements. Klaralyte always uses a pure formula of the highest-quality ingredients, meaning Klaralyte is always free from manufacturing additives. Does your current salt pill have additives? Check the label to find out, and checkout the helpful links below to learn more.

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4. Klaralyte uses USA Made Electrolytes. Many companies source raw ingredients from foreign regions and only mix in the USA.

Klaralyte uses USA made electrolytes (sodium chloride and potassium citrate), meaning the electrolyte ingredients in Klaralyte originate-from and are made in the USA. Our vegetable capsules are sourced in Canada. Klaralyte is 100% sourced in North America and manufactured in the USA at our cGMP certified facility. We take pride in our pure, high-quality and responsibly-sourced formulas.

Want to know where your salt supplement comes from?  Ask your current salt capsule provider where their raw ingredients originate. Many companies source raw ingredients from foreign regions and only mix in the USA. Only Klaralyte clearly lists on the label that "Sodium Chloride and Potassium Citrate ingredients originate in the USA."

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5. Klaralyte offers a value size 300 capsules per bottle, saving you money and saving the environment from excess waste.  Other Brands offer only 100 capsules per bottle, at over twice the cost and excess environmental waste. 

Klaralyte saves you money and time by providing a value size bottle of 300 capsules for only $27.95, with free shipping when you order two or more bottles. That's less than $0.09 per capsule.  Order once per year instead of ever few months.  In addition, by using less plastic bottles, you'll reduce the environmental impact of your sodium supplement.  Order Klaralyte today.

"I'll Save $400 by Switching"


"Perfect product. I’ve had dysautonomia for years and I'm so glad I discovered Klaralyte!"*

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—Megan R., Klaralyte customer review


What's in Klaralyte Salt Capsules?

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"Thank you to the folks at Klaralyte for making an affordable product for people."

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—Jamie L., Klaralyte customer review


I had tried salt pills like Vitassium but they gave me stomach pain. Klaralyte has no negative side effects. No problem!


Klaralyte is perfect for helping me manage my POTS symptoms. I take 8-10 capsules a day. Thank you!!

Kyle H.

The ingredients are the same as Vitassium but the cost is significantly lower. Klaralyte is excellent for POTs.

Lorelei A.

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